Tip Submission

We know how important tip submissions are to your sheriff’s office, that’s why we’re here to offer a solution. By developing an app with us, you have three different methods of getting tip submissions in your app!

Fill out a form in the app

Our simplest way of taking in tips is by filling out a form in the app. After the form is submitted, the tip will then be sent through E-mail to the corresponding person in your office.

Integrate your existing tip submission software

If you already have a system you use to submit tips and don’t want to lose it, we can integrate the system into your app! That way, you don’t have to lose a service you would like to stick with. We’re here to serve you and develop an app that meets all of your needs.

Use our tip submission management service

We have heard from numerous offices that they are either unhappy with their current tip submission platform, or they don’t have one! That’s why we are now offering a solution to that problem with our own tip submission software. This standalone service will help your sheriff’s office with receiving more tips and managing them efficiently.